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FIT Life Creation is searching for

Social entrepreneurs, coaches, creators, and brands to join our transformational community giving back and inspiring the world.


FIT Life Creation wants to help you fundraise with experiences that help create a life and business you love. We created our lifestyle platform so people no longer have to try every health fad, struggle to make money, and figure out how to build a brand. We are looking to not only help you create lifestyle transformation plus incredible fundraising solutions to give back. Our collabs and fundraising with challenges, events, coaching, and masterminds are truly a win-win as we have you experience life changing challenges, events, and academies. We are inspired to create transformational experiences for entrepreneurs, creators, causes, and brands - the opportunities are endless! On top of the experience and your transformation, we also provide you with a code to share with others for 10% off, 10% minimum fundraising for you. Our community gets exclusive access to events, trips, course creation and more! We also help brands create or integrate into our platform! Create with our community!









Opportunities to Transform + Inspire

Create a Life + Business You Love. Health + Wealth + Biz All in One.

Get Healthy

Hands on experiences- from mindset and health, to lifestyle tools, crazy confidence, and momentum, you will be amazed at the results you see and feel!

Make Money

Become the money maker you have always wanted to be - from 6 Pack of Wealth and Tools, to creating value and money, to cash flow, you will be in awe of your potential!

Build Brands

Be the boss you know you are - both in your life - and business - from building a boss brand, to smart social, and scaling smart, you will LOVE how simple it is to create!



Fall in love with the life and business you create with our one of a kind all in one lifestyle challenges. We include health, wealth, and business all in one in FIT Life Creation. We integrate tips, tools, and technology to truly set you up for success. This is much more than a fundraiser, this is a co-creation and a partnership.

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Create limitless transformation with us at our live events with hands-on implementation with health, wealth, and business unlike any event you've ever seen. We share one of a kind knowledge with influencers and creators. We believe in co-creation and collaboration with content. We provide the experience + content + press and you get a fundraiser = PRICELESS.

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Transform and Inspire to a whole new level with our Transformation and Lifestyle Academy masterminds. Over 12 Modules, and over a 200 lessons to catapult your transformation and inspiration beyond what you ever imagined for you and your team! You experience transformation + we collaborate on press + you share the experience and fundraise! 

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One of our missions is to help people reach full potential. We offer easy and effortless ways for you to integrate Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition into your fundraiser! We integrate it into all we do as a lifestyle tool to help people get healthy + happy! We would not exist if Herbalife hadn't found Katrina + helped her lose >55 lbs along with a healthy lifestyle!

Imagine your fundraise providing more tools to help people get healthy and raise money! A great way for you to increase your value + offer more! 

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We love to connect, create, and cultivate with other bosses. Do you have passion in health, wealth, business, travel, giving back Would you love to showcase a hands on experience at one of our lifestyle events, or partner for a cause?

Imagine us connecting, creating, and cultivating passions, purpose, and people across our platforms. 

We would love to explore the possibilities. Let us learn all about you, and let us know you want to fundraise!

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We love to connect, create, and cultivate with brands. Do you want to integrate your brand with our experiences and fundraisers? Are you a brand who would love to feature wellness? Integrate our passions into your own causes? Have us design a fundraiser? Get your brand featured with us and our influencers and fundraisers?

Let's connect and create. 

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Create a Life you LOVE.



Carly Nogawski @light.travels

The biggest thing the experience has given me is a realistic approach to achieving my goals. The ability to focus my efforts....



Are you a brand who would love to fundraise with our experiences? Integrate our platform into your own brand? Have us design a fundraising program? Get your brand featured with us and our influencers? Let's connect and create.


The Story Behind the Concept

Katrina Julia created FIT Life Creation TM as a culmination of what she's learned in losing >55 lbs. and health coaching, 15+ years in corporate and being an entrepreneur 7+ years. While trying academy after academy, Katrina realized there were missing pieces and set out to create her own. Learn more about her story here.

1) We combine health + wealth + business in one with tools + technology + support.

2) We combine the spiritual + practical; the strategic + tactical.

3) We give you both the how - to's and the tools to execute all at the same time.


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