Our In a Day Series

We all know figuring out how to get started and get the results you want in social media, blogs, websites, videos and courses can feel overwhelming, complicated, and exhausting... I definitely do first hand.

Let's create the transformation you want

smart and simple

with our In a Day Series...

I believe in this so much that I am       giving FREE sneak peak to our

Social Media in a Day....

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Hi! I'm KATRINA JULIA! Welcome!

Highlights on In A Day:

It's time for you to create transformation + unleash inspiration!

The In a Day Series keeps it smart, short, and simple for Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Videos, and Courses.

This course cuts out the bullsh** and gives you the exact tips, tools, and technology you need to get things done smart and simple.

This is for the transformers, creators, and dreamers.  

You will be amazed at what you get done with this course!

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FIT Life Creation Features

Create a Life + Business You Love. Health + Wealth + Biz All in One.

Get Healthy

Get clear on your inner self - from mindset and health, to crazy confidence, and momentum, you will be amazed at the results you see and feel!

Make Money

Become the money maker you have always wanted to be - from 6 Pack of Wealth and Tools, to creating value and money, to cash flow, you will be in awe of your potential!

Build Brands

Be the boss you know you are - both in your life - and business - from building a boss brand, to smart social, and scaling smart, you will LOVE how simple it is to create!

Who is Course For?

Create a Life you LOVE.

Carly Nogawski @light.travels

The biggest thing the experience has given me is a realistic approach to achieving my goals. The ability to focus my efforts....


In a Day Series

I am ready to go ALL in with the In a Day Series + 3 Months in the Mastermind + Monthly Transformation Pack!

The Story Behind the Series!

Hi! I'm Katrina Julia. I created In a Day TM as a combo of what I learned in 15+ years in corporate and being an entrepreneur 7+ years. While trying academy after academy, I realized there were missing pieces and set out to create my own that would help make getting results so much easier for you!.

Learn more about my story here.

1) We combine health + wealth + business in one with tools + technology + support.

2) We combine the spiritual and the practical; the strategic and the tactical.

3) We give you both the how - to's and the tools to execute all at the same time.


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