How to

Create & Launch

a Lifestyle Brand

Like a Boss:



You are a creator, blogger, and/or mission-based brand that wants to

Create a Lifestyle Brand Like a BOSS!

You want ALL the 411 to set up a

  • FIRM foundation
  • STRONG stability and
  • Generate GROWTH

from your website, blog, social & freebies to your coaching and consulting to your online courses to your live events and brand engagements ALL IN ONE!

Not to mention the tips, tools, and tech ALL Included!

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(HINT: It includes everything I've done with FIT Life Creation.


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How to Build a Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss

Pre-Launch: Early Bird Enrollments: Coming April 2022 A course like NO Other with the breakdown for the Foundation, Stability and Growth AND the Strategy, Structure and Systems AND the Tips, Tools and Tech to Build a Lifestyle Brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online & live brand that includes experiences, influencers, fundraisers & brand consulting.

It includes social media, blog, show, freebies, online courses, live events/retreats, influencer marketing, and brand consulting.

PLUS tips, tools & technology integrated into everything


Giving back to help causes that are near & dear to you! 

This course is for you if you are DONE piece mealing your business. YOU want to set up a FIRM Foundation on your Social Media, Blog, and Freebies. You Want to Scale Right Away & FREE Up Your Time.

You want STRONG Stability with focus, actions and CASH! You are ready to either set up your FIRST or NEXT Online Course and/or TAKE it to the NEXT Level with a Mastermind, and.or Academies! 

You are ready to RUN YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BOSS with Influencer Marketing across collaborations, platforms, short and long term.

You want to set up live events/retreats and/or you want to offer brand consulting in key segments!

You will be accountable and take ACTION FAST and SHARE!

Summer 2022. We will include a Presentation Overview in PDF, Free Webinar, and Email Outline!

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Anywhere from 1-2 Times a Year. Don't Wait! I am offering a 1-1 intensive option to start. Stay tuned for the monthly option.

To start, Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss will be a 1 on 1 program for a minimum of 90 days with online course integrations on Kajabi.

Later, the monthly course will be over 90% Automated and Online with Kajabi with Pre-Recorded Content & Lessons. There will be Bonus Live Sessions and Community Support.

You may want to upgrade to a live experience with our Retreats Globally with our Community!

YES! We love connecting and creating with creators! For this course, we will require minimum 2 Media Successful Collaborations FIRST and a FEATURE in the SUMMIT to be considered for this one.

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