Feature with Michal: How to Live, Love, Lead at Full Power

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019

Feature with Michal: How to Live, Love, Lead at Full Power:

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Beacon of Change, Light Worker, Community Creator, Transformer,

Global Travel, International Heritage and and more!


How to Live, Love and Lead at Full Power


........Feature Spotlight


We talk all things on how we connected via Beacons of Change,

the community where I began my Reiki certification journey.


Michal talks about her international heritage, trauma, experiences that shape us,

her transformation, her mission to help women feel free, light, and fulfilled.


We will get into:


1 Michal's Story

2 How We Connected via Beacons of Change in Atlanta

3 Her Transformation from Inside Out.

4 Mindset, Power, and Energy

5 Living, Loving, Leading at Full Power

6 Community Creations with Freebies, Sisterhood and more!

7 Whats Next and Closing


Let's create, transform and inspire!








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