Clear the Clutter to Create the Life and Business You Love

You’ve heard of decluttering your space in some way, shape or form. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even already regularly declutter.


You're still feeling like you don't have clarity in every area of your life. You’re wondering if perhaps you are missing something else you may take action on.


You’re afraid of not reaching your potential and your best life, and you've done the steps to get to where you are. Yet, you feel like something got missed or is missing along the way.


Yet, you are more afraid of not getting your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process. You tune in to a number of sources, but wonder are you truly listening to yourself.


You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to clear the clutter to create the life and business you love (stuff, space, and sanity in spiritual, mental, relational, physical, financial, playful, and emotional areas of your life).



What if…


What if you experienced a decluttering approach for every area of life? 


What if you focused on smart and simple vs. quick and fast?


What if you got a specific framework to help you apply daily?


What if you focused on awareness and application in each area of life?


What if you focused on the small changes that lead to big results?



Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…


It is possible to create it and live it. How do I know?


Because I took ALL the struggles and turned them into triumphs to create a life and business I love and help others.


How did we do it?


I figured it was time to share it to serve others.



Clear the Clutter to 

Create the Life and

Business You Love.











Now, with that being said - how do we clear clutter to create a life and business we love?


What helps us be grateful for where we are and where we've been, while growing into more?


Highlights of My Story so you know I relate to creating a life and business I love too!



First, remind yourself that whatever area of life you are trying to clear clutter in - it didn't get there overnight. It will take time and consistent effort. Be patient with the process, and with yourself.

I know this is easier said than done firsthand.



Sometimes, it's like all of a sudden we wake up and say wait a minute -



I don't love my life

I don't love my health 

I don't love my wealth

I don't love my business

I don't love my relationships

I don't love my day



It is important to reflect on gratitude.

It is important to take the next step.

It is important to focus on progress.



You, my friend, want to clear the clutter to create the life and business you love. I can tell. That's probably why you are here reading - hello?! You probably KNOW there is so much more inside of you. You keep doing things, yet not feeling or seeing the progress you want. Perhaps, you are seeing some progress, but you have a feeling you could experience so much more.


So, since you really want to clear the clutter to create a life and business you love, this post is for you.



In this post, I’m sharing the mindset with stuff, space, and sanity so that you clear the clutter to create the life and business you love.



It may seem like a completely different mindset, but the more you do this you will find yourself doing these daily with time like I do. It is no different than riding a bike, it simply takes time!


Plus, if you truly want to create a life and business you love - don't you owe it to yourself and your life to perhaps go deeper within to find out who you truly are and what you are made of? 





My Current Before + After of

Clearing the Clutter to Create the Life

and Business I Love.


In 2010, I found myself:

  • At the goal I had set in college for my life, yet feeling like a lot was missing.

  • Living in a two bedroom apartment with my closets and dressers full of stuff.

  • My 7th car that usually had random stuff in it, and that I would clean every 3 months.

  • So-so to strong relationships with my mom and dad.

  • Prioritizing work over family.

  • Answering emails pretty much first thing.

  • Making time for fun where I "fit in" vs. what I really wanted to do for myself.

  • Not really clear on who I was and what I truly wanted in all areas of life.

  • No time freedom. 3 Weeks of Vacation a year (Corporate executive).

  • Some great friends, some that weighed on me with negativity that I allowed.

  • Instability in my own faith and mind.

  • Yo yo with weight 40-55 lbs. heavier than I am now.

  • In debt and overwhelmed by how to get out.

  • Always being pulled by entrepreneurship (I was side hustle queen before the term was invented. I had a side hustle from college on no matter what position, role, or travel.)

My current state is infinitely better (the year of this writing 2018). I am nowhere near where I was (thank god), and I am nowhere near where I will go. I am sharing this because I know if I had found something like this it would have saved me a ton of time and frustration. That is my hope for you.

  • I am fully aligned to my passion and purpose of simplifying transformation in health, wealth, business in 1 and creating a life and business I love (and helping others).

  • I am living in an efficiency currently that is always spic and span clean with a closet that is 25% full and a dresser that is maybe 35% full. 

  • I went carless for 2.5 years in Atlanta to break my addiction to stuff. I did not go looking for my now 8th car. Our creator literally sent it to me. My 8th car is always spic and span clean. I have maybe water bottles in it. I get it cleaned once to twice a month regularly.

  • My relationships with my family are super strong and consistent communication.

  • I prioritize spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical, playful over work. I know the better I am being as a person, the better I do the work.

  • I answer emails last thing in the day now typically and/or two - three times a week. We have an out of office that states directions for key areas of FIT Life Creation (test it! Send us an email lol!) and tells people up front we will respond in 72 hours or less.

  • I make time for my type of fun all the time. This includes now first thing in the morning going to the park to sit by a stream and meditate, pray, and journal and then walk around the park. I do fun fitness classes, day spa trips, time with friends that are high vibe, reading, writing, and more.

  • I am super clear on who I am, who I am becoming, what I want out of life, and more steps get revealed each and every day on how to get there.

  • Time Freedom. I design my days, weeks, months how I want. This year, I decided I wanted to be more stable and travel less. FIT Life Creation platform is also >80% automated with our guides, programs, academies. 

  • High vibe people around me more and more.

  • A firm foundation of faith.

  • Stability in my faith, freedom, and mind.

  • 40 -55 lbs. smaller than I was in 2010 (depending on time of year) and stable since 2014 and constantly refining my physique (I also compete in fitness shows as a way to inspire and stay accountable.)

  • A clear roadmap (our 6 Pack of Wealth) for money flow and vision (Billions in Our Brains) and in the process of getting out of debt. Clarity on exactly where money goes when it comes in. I feel my financial freedom is coming very soon.

  • Being a full-time entrepreneur since 2011. Last year, I made another huge leap of faith by stepping away from an organization that helped provide stability, but was not aligned with innovation and growth in the financial arena. Their business methods also did not align with my faith and thinking, and I knew it was time to be completely free.


So, you may see that there are dramatic changes in my own life. You may also see these did not happen overnight. These changes took clearing clutter and going within. I will share with you insight into the framework of our Space Creator, and ways to apply it to every area of your life. 


You have the answers within on your next steps.


1. Stuff

It is very easy to get caught up with a lot of stuff. Physical, mental, emotional and more stuff. It doesn't pile up overnight, yet one day we look around and it surrounds us.


You will note that as you address an area, it may overlap into other areas. What you get from doing this exercise is exactly what you need at that time. Listen to yourself and what comes up for you!


The Seven Areas I Tune to:









A great place to start is the "physical stuff". This was where I started. It gives you more insight into you and that you are literally potentially buried under stuff. 


I had this with the clothes, car, and apartment. That was simply a reflection of what was going on inside of me. 


An example of an emotional state or clearing clutter would be reactions. I used to go from being super nice to reaction states.


In line with my instability, I would go from being super compassionate to super inpatient depending on my mood and thoughts.


As I cleared clutter in this area and practiced meditation, calmness, nature and more these have gone away. I am able to now be aware in the moment and control and stay calm.


I have had several recent situations test me in dealing with all levels of situations and people. Some have included financial, some service, some community, some family. I am happy to say I either walked away, replied calmly after thinking about it, or simply allowed space to sit trusting the situation will resolve itself.



Questions to Ask Yourself / Your Team:

  • What transformation do you want?

  • What is your physical state + environment?

  • What is your mental state in currently?

  • What is your playful state and time?

  • What is your relationship states?

  • What is your spiritual state and joy?

  • What is your financial state and clarity?

  • What are the three - five things to get done?

  • What could you focus on for the next 30 days?


2. Space

Too often, we don't pause to think about how much we add to our daily lives to be, do, or have.  Then we get to the goal, and it doesn't feel like what we wanted so we feel like we did something wrong. We simply didn't think about the feeling before, during, and after.


I am definitely guilty of this - being very goal driven. Now, these are non negotiable. So, what are ways to create space in your life and what does this help with?


For example, my focus for the last three weeks was adding in going to the park first thing in my day. This is intended to set the tone for my day with peace, self-care, playful by meditating, swing by the stream, and then walking a 3 mile walk around Chastain Park.


It is blowing my brain to have the freedom every day to go to the park and sit by the river and journal about my day - my faith, my feeling, my focus, and my intentions for each and every action. This includes the feeling and the results we want. I remember seven years ago being in corporate and "having" to be there 8-5pm at a minimum no matter what (unless I was on vacation etc.). I also remember working 75+ hour weeks the role I had before Chief Audit Executive, and traveling 70%+, being 55+ lbs overweight, and barely having any time for myself. 


It is truly surreal to me to have such time freedom now.


I am learning to accept it more and more every day.  


I also own my power now that I co-created this. I love it!


There are tons of times in my history where I did a ton - but I did not stop to think or feel, or create space.


As a result, I often felt overwhelmed because I truly did not have space in my life. Yet, I had allowed that.


I do this now regularly by reflecting at the beginning, during, and end of the day. 


Questions to Ask Yourself / Your Team:​


  • What transformation do you want?

  • What is your physical state + environment?

  • What is your mental state in currently?

  • What is your playful state and time?

  • What is your relationship states?

  • What is your spiritual state and joy?

  • What is your financial state and clarity?

  • How could you group items during the week?

  • How is your phone state e.g. photos, apps, emails?

  • How is your computer state e.g. photos, apps, emails?

  • What are the three - five things to get done?

  • What could you focus on for the next 30 days?



3. Sanity

I started truly tuning in more and more back in 2010 into my spiritual, mental, and emotional states. I started asking why a reaction would occur. What had I perhaps not communicated? What boundary had I not set or said out loud? What people pleasing behavior had I engaged in that overrode myself? 100% Responsibility.


Years ago, I would go from being an individual contributor to then managing 50+ locations to then 3+ business units and a parent company. In between those two phases, I learned a ton about communicating boundaries, flow, and expectations. I got to learn how to apply that to every area of my life.


Questions to Ask Yourself / Your Team:​

  • How do you want to feel?

  • How do you want to start the day?

  • How do you want your life to be?

  • How do you want your day to be?

  • How do you want your month to be?

  • How do you want to create boundaries?

  • How do you want to serve people?

  • How do you want to share your message?

  • How will you feel when you are serving?

  • How will you feel when you get things done?

  • What impacts your sanity currently?

  • Who impacts your sanity currently?

  • How could you reframe or let go of the situations?

  • What type of people do you want to connect with?

  • How do you want your business to run?

  • How do you want time freedom?



Clear the Clutter.


Stuff. Space. Sanity. 



to help you create the life and business you love.




It's simple, not easy.




Creating a Life and

Business You Love 

Breaks Boundaries


Fight for

Your Freedom

in All Forms



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