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Highlights on Creation Club!

It's time for you to create transformation + unleash inspiration!

The creation club (our monthly mastermind) is a one stop for the transformers, creators, and dreamers. Those that are, or want to be, influencers, entrepreneurs, wellness coaches, travel bloggers, and content creators. 

You will experience transformation in a one stop with mindset, lifestyle, health, wealth, and biz and more!  

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Create a Life + Business You Love. Health + Wealth + Biz All in One.

Get Healthy

Get clear on your inner self - from mindset and health, to crazy confidence, and momentum, you will be amazed at the results you see and feel!

Make Money

Become the money maker you have always wanted to be - from 6 Pack of Wealth and Tools, to creating value and money, to cash flow, you will be in awe of your potential!

Build Brands

Be the boss you know you are - both in your life - and business - from building a boss brand, to smart social, and scaling smart, you will LOVE how simple it is to create!



The first 14 days are completely free. Yes free. We give you a sneak peek into the monthly mastermind with:

  • 12 modules on health, wealth, & business.
  • Things like Passion & Purpose,
  • Smart Social, Money Maker
  • Health, Wealth, Biz Tools
  • Get to know Katrina 1 on 1 online & much more!

Note: We use Kajabi an amazing tool & you enter in your info. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends! It's simple & easy!

Free 14 Day Challenge







If you decide to create with our community after the Free 14 Day Challenge, you will get access to:

  • 12 Themes on Health, Wealth, Business to Create a Life and Business You Love
  • Brand New Course Every Week + Bonus Every Month
  • Monthly Transformation Pack with >7 tools + Herbalife Global Nutrition mailed to you!
  • Monthly Course Bonuses like...
  • Month 1 Bonus: Exponential Exposure Course with insight into speaking gigs, press trips, affiliates (Value >$3000)
  • Month 2 Bonus: Tailwind Course for Instagram & Pinterest (Value >$1,000)
  • Month 3 Bonus: Transformation Challenge with Daily Guidance
  • Exclusive Community Perks


Create a life you love and feel happier, healthier, and wealthier.

You will learn quick and easy strategies to jump start transformation in health, money, and business. We set you up with the tips, tools & tech included too!

The first time you see a result that lasts whether in health, money, or business, your passion ignites and you want to share with the world. Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: > $1,000 each course


Create transformation and inspiration and who you are to serve others.

Your passions, your purpose, and your story are the most profound things you have. To help you create the transformation + inspiration you want, we help you get clear on who you are, what you've overcome, how you may serve, and how you want to impact.

In our quest to do more, we often forget to simply be who we are. When you have a clear understanding of who you are, your story, your service, and your impact, the passion + purpose collide with profits.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$1,000 each course


Create a path from clutter to crystal clear clarity.

When creating transformation, it's important to clear the clutter head on in every area of your life. It is then that we recognize what isn't aligned with what we want. What shows up is the stories, self sabotage, what we don't know, or haven't learned.

To create a life and business you love, we will help you learn how to go from clutter to clarity. We will help you get clear in all areas of life with stuff, space, and sanity.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$1,000 each course



Create endless possibilities for your transformation in health + wealth + business.

Lifestyle tools have completely transformed how we create a life + business we love. It’s why you may take your transformation 10x, 100x, infinityx with getting healthy, making money, and building a business.

We have access to platforms and tools like never before. Easy integrative tools like nutrition with Herbalife supplements, fitness apps, meal bags; wealth with apps + automation; business with social media, all in one platforms + automation setting you up for success.

It’s also why it's more important than ever for you to be healthy to be passionate + serve others.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$1,000 each course



Create smart social and set yourself up for success.

Social Media has changed the game on how we connect virtually, with friends, and with brands. The access we have for transformation, and inspiration reaching thousands, millions, billions is priceless. It's easier than ever to be seen and heard.

Here we highlight platform insight. We are talking Facebook, Instagram, Podcasting, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube. We are talking content creation, social steroids, exponential exposure to multiply momentum and making money.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$1,000 each course



Create the path to becoming the money maker you are created to be.

Here we will break you out of the money matrix. You get clear on how to break boundaries in your life + money. We share money tools to help you become a money master. We breakdown the flow in our Money Mindset, 6 Pack to Wealth, Creation Themes, Value Creation, Making Money, Billions in Our Brains, Financial Fun, Money Matter, Crazy Cash, Price Play, and Creating a Lifestyle Brand.

You’ll lay the groundwork for what we like to call your “Money Maker.” It’s your starting point to create and grow into how you want to serve, and what you want. You’ll develop a closer relationship with the flow of energy and money. You'll discover what your next step is to be the money maker that you are. You will be blown away.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course



Create the life and business that inspires others.

Brand Building is easier and faster than ever before if you know how and which resources exist. Nobody wants to overpay for business set up, logos, websites, and marketing. That’s one of the biggest reasons people get stuck in starting or growing a business. They don't know what to do! Our goal is you never feel stuck again!

You'll learn how to get more done and get help to create a Boss Brand faster + easier with Brand Build, Legal Matters, Marketing Moves, Team Time and more!

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course



Create an online presence where you shine as a web wonder.

You are ready to build an online presence and get to the next level, whether you have nothing, a blog, or a website. This module will breakdown basics, tools, freebies and opt-ins.

You will learn website, blog, and freebie essentials and who may do them for you if you are not a DIYer.

Your website, layout, and gifts you offer are vital to connecting to create a life and business you love.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course



Create a life and business that allows you peace of mind and freedom.

Create a life and business you love full of freedom to have fun too! We show you a framework on how to scale smart with simplicity and speed. You will learn how to purpose priorities, tame time, start scale, scale steps, tech tools, and how to build a team. You will learn how to automate and delegate easily and effortlessly.

So many people desire to create a freedom based lifestyle business, and end up creating a prison. They've never scaled before or simply don't know how to. Before you start creating, it's important to be aware of ways to  scale smart. This is a never ending journey - as you grow - as your business grows - new opportunities present themselves.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course



Create transformation and inspiration with influence.

Now that you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to create more value with publicity, and a boss brand team. You will learn how to inspire and create value with social and influencer campaigns.

We will share avenues and resources on how to leverage platforms + brands + influencer campaigns.

You’ll also learn how to create experiences to get feedback to create unique solutions people are coming to you for.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course



Create the momentum to set your soul on fire and unleash inspiration.

Your time to be a momentum maker is now. It starts with accepting 100% responsibility and accountability for everything in your life. You are creating everything. You will learn how to create a pitch, foundation, and financials for your business to date, pitch brands, podcasts, and guest blogs, and learn how to apply to Accelerator Programs to get investors.

You will combine everything you've learned in the first 10 modules to create a 90 Day and Annual Plan, and vision. To not only create the vision, but to own it.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course


Create crazy confidence from within.

You get to create your own crazy confidence. It is required for you to reach your fullest potential. Sometimes people will love you and what you do, sometimes they won't. The key to understand is how they act or react (as long as all you do is out of love) has nothing to do with you. Love them always and anyway (and sometimes from a distance). Always learn from it and be and do better every day!

Creating transformation in your own health, wealth or business is not for the faint of heart. We will share seven steps + daily tips + tools to help you.

You will be tested in the journey of reaching your fullest potential in ways you cannot imagine, no different than an athlete being tested to get to the Olympics and win the gold. Elevate and Embrace it All.

Every 12 weeks you revisit a theme with a brand new course.

VALUE: >$3,000 each course

FIT Life Creation: A Lifet

FIT Life Creation is an all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth, business including tips, tools and tech with experiences, fundraisers & brand solutions. Think Amazon & AirBnb got together & had a Revolve baby.

Creation Club is a Great Fit for You If

 You want to create a life and business you love all in one spot & love that we have it online!

 Transformation in one or all areas of your life is what drives you and you are ready to go ALL in.

 Tips, Tools & Tech to Help You Create What You Love Regularly Excites You 

 Creating community is your jam. You know you bring a lot of value to the community and love to share. 

  You want more consistency, accountability and community in your life. You are an eternal student.

 You love to take vision and purpose and are excited to create and cultivate community.

 You want to learn short to long-term strategies hands-on and know that ‘overnight successes’ are not overnight.

 You are willing to add value and know that creating and cultivating with community pays off for years to come.

 You’ve started your entrepreneurship journey (or you are ready to) and want to create with a community.

Creation Club will help you

Whether you want to transform, get healthy, make money, build a brand, inspire others, or all of the above, Creation Club will help you get results! Our average results include 4-167 lbs lost, >50% - 1000% + ROI wealth & business impacts.*


Creation Club




12 Themes

Brand New Content Weekly

Transformation Packs

Monthly Bonuses

Special Live Monthly

Global Nutrition Ticket

Cancel Anytime

Monthly Value > $5,000


Create in the Club



or 4 payments of $250

Everything in the Monthly

Community Choice Bonus Call Quarterly

3 Months Free for Prepaying!

Annual Value > $30,000

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Creation Club 1 Year



4 payments of $350

Everything in Yearly

2 Day VIP Event Ticket Your Choice

National or International

*Air or Stay Not Included

Annual Value >$35,000

Payment Option

Note: If you want retreat - get 1 year & retreat option below.

Retreat Option

Club & Weekend

Create a Life you LOVE.

Hey you! I'm Katrina!

It's time to simplify transformation in health, wealth, and business so you get the results (and life you love)!

I see you my friend! I was once where you may be...

  • Feeling like I was in the wrong life (despite "doing" all the things that people told me were "right"
  • Not anywhere near the health I wanted (always tired and over 55 lbs. heavier than this!)
  • Always helping others pursue their dreams (and making them 7-9 figures per year over and over) yet feeling despite all my "certifications" and results, I was missing something deep inside.
  • Having TONS of experience in >7 industries, yet unclear if I had wasted my time (and life) and about what it ALL meant.
  • Continuing in the rat race and on the hamster wheel wondering how on earth was I going to pursue my passion and purpose and transform my life...

    Deep breath.

    I get it. The joy you see on my face in this pic had been missing for quite some time...

    I was determined to find it again. I've walked from fear to faith, corporate to calling, self hate to love, and bondage to freedom.

    That's why I am so passionate about you creating a life you love in health, wealth, and biz!

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