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Creators, Campaigns, and Communities


Prioritized Purpose + Profits for Influencers and Brands to Make Magic!


A to Z Management +How to #CREATEIT

Influencer Mgmt for Influencers and Brands

We handle it A to Z and equip you to run Influencer Marketing #LIKEABOSS

I get it! I've been there - tips, tools, and tech everywhere, social media, influencer marketing, whoaaaaaa.

I am here to help you simplify health, wealth, AND business!

You will learn how to build your brand with influencers and get results from A to Z.

Take your brand to a whole new level with aligned opportunities, multi-month to year long-term relationships, contract negotiation & more!


I will also teach you our Five Step System with Overview, Ideal Influencers, Platforms, Campaigns, and Metrics!

You will learn the EXACT tips + tools we use. 

This includes How To's, Behind the Scenes, and Insider Information to Ideal Influencers, Platforms, Campaign Creation and Growth, Metrics.

You will get all the behind the scenes with the tips + tools + tech to createit!

Here is to YOU creating a life AND business you love!

We work with influencers AND brands who want long-term solutions for 3 months to a year minimum working with influencers with a brand, website, monetizing with brands and on their own, and with over 25,000 followers.

You get a road map for 90 days to 1 year, kick-off call, set-up + management of your media kit + rates, influencer marketing course, first dibs on placement and collabs at our retreats + brand placements, listings on platforms, campaign mgmt, negotiation for multi-month and year deals, 2 personal calls monthly, 2 group calls monthly, metric tracking, value positioning, and MORE! Valued at over $75,000 annually.

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