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Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs, Creators and CEOs who crave creating, community and cash to collaborations transforming and inspiring the world.


CREATEIT wants to help you create a life and business you love. We help Creators + CEOs who crave creating, community and cash to CREATEIT Like a BOSS. We created our lifestyle platform so people no longer have to try every health fad, struggle to make money, and figure out how to build a brand. If you deeply desire lifestyle transformation with entrepreneurial expansion and a co-craetive community, this is for YOU. Our lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship collabs involve online and live experiences from A to Z. We integrate media, lifestyle, wellness and travel all-in-one. We are inspired to create transformational experiences for entrepreneurs, creators, and brands - the opportunities are limitless. On top of the experience and your transformation, we provide you with a code to share with others for 10% off and 10%-50% profit sharing for you. Our community gets exclusive access to media, course creation, events, and retreats. We help brands create or integrate into our platform! Apply below to be part of our community! If you’re a good fit for a current or future collab, we’ll reach out to #CREATEIT









Create, Transform, Inspire - You are Born To

Create a Life + Business You Love. Health + Wealth + Biz All in One.

Get Healthy

Hands on experiences- from mindset and health, to lifestyle tools, crazy confidence, and momentum, you will be amazed at the results you see and feel!

Make Money

Become the money maker you have always wanted to be - from 6 Pack of Wealth and Tools, to creating value and money, to cash flow, you will be in awe of your potential!

Build Brands

Be the boss you know you are - both in your life - and business - from building a boss brand, to smart social, and scaling smart, you will LOVE how simple it is to create!



Would you love to share your story on our Creator Snapshots Series, Blog & Show, Travel Series, and LIVE Interview on Create IT Like a Boss with Katrina Julia.

Fall in love with the life and business you create with our one-of-a-kind podcast " with #allthethings to create a life & business you love.

We feature 12 themes in health, wealth, and business. It's about the transformation, the journeys, and the stories.

Listen & leave a review & we will shout you out.

*To consider your submission, we require forms.

1 Creator Snapshots for Features.*

Require 100% of items submitted in form & emailed. Step 1 before series & live interview.

Series Proposals for Entrepreneurs**


Do you want to be featured in our influencer study, annual book and special podcast episode?

We've connected and created community with >15,000 influencers in <4 years in our lifestyle experience and entrepreneur campaigns, generated >2500% ROI, and now >400 MM in reach in 2019.

We've researched >50 platforms, been on over 10, created our own influencer platform, guides, a course, and offer brand integrations and placements. 

We would love to share your insight + explore features!

Brands: Submit here

Influencers: Submit here


Creator to Cash dives deep into 7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Days. This collaboration experience is for you if you are open to a beta experience and/or creating content or UGC.

Start with the FREE Tool Kit.

The experience includes a 7 Module Course Experience with Lifetime Access.

  • $7,000+ Offers to $70 Offers
  • Creating and Scaling from A To Z
  • Media Perks + Features
  • Monthly Mastermind for 1 month
  • Transformation¬†Tool Kit

This includes freebies for your community + profit sharing and ways to earn income on and off our platform.




One of our missions is to help you reach your full potential, which is why we are deeply passionate about health. We integrate it into all we do as a lifestyle tool to help people get healthy + happy!

We would not exist if Herbalife hadn't found Katrina + helped her lose >55 lbs along with a healthy lifestyle!

Imagine if you are already a blogger, influencer, nutritionist, trainer, or coach or simply passionate about helping others transform! A great way for you to increase your value + offer more! This also includes up to 50% profit sharing, >7 income streams, and vacations.

We offer easy ways for you to integrate Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition into what you want to do, or already do. There are also free events for first time guests nationally and internationally for you to learn more! 




One of our missions is to help you reach your full potential, which is why we are deeply passionate about ONLINE BUSINESS. We integrate it into all we do as a lifestyle tool to help people create, scale and automate.

We offer online features via our online workshops including giving you 20% min profit sharing up to 70%, and including our online courses as added bonus. You may add in an additional feature in mastermind as well.

We also host an Online Summit Quarterly to Semi-Annually for a week which includes profit sharing of 30%-50% plus bonuses with 22+ creators!

We offer easy ways for you to integrate  our Online Create Platform into what you want to do, or already do. 


Create limitless transformation with us at our book reviews, pre-launches, virtual travel and live events with hands-on implementation with health, wealth, and business unlike any event you've ever seen.

Share your one of a kind knowledge by hosting an experience of your own. We believe in co-creation and collaboration with content.

We provide the experience +  you provide the content = PRICELESS.

This is great for you if you are a pro and ready to take your blog, social media, and entrepreneurship on the path to time, location, and financial freedom AND have created community with us 2-5+ times with us and shown engaging and valuable results.

Includes Virtual Travel, Ongoing Media, Creation Weekends & National & Global Retreats. Co-Leadership Available After.

Learn More for Influencers & Brands



We believe in limitless possibilities for life and entrepreneurship and business. Each and every experience we also give back to help end homelessness, end cancer, help vets and battered women. We also support you in giving back.

We also love to create community with press partners, hospitality brands, travel bureaus and award anyone that refers us with both a spot on the campaign and a campaign manager / retreat leader / speaker opportunities typically 3 months to 1 year or longer!

We also love to create and cultivate with brands too! Do you want to integrate your brand with our experiences? Are you a brand who would love to feature wellness at your workplace? Integrate our platform into your own brand? Have us design a influencer program? Get your brand featured with us and our influencers?

Let's connect and create. 


Inf Mgmt >25K on IG




Create a Life you LOVE.



Carly Nogawski @light.travels

The biggest thing the experience has given me is a realistic approach to achieving my goals. The ability to focus my efforts....



The Story Behind the Concept

Most would describe me as a Woman, Daughter, and Creator. I didn't start off as a Creator. I shifted from Corporate to Calling in more ways than one. In reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there.

So let's break free from who we think we should be and start creating a life and business we love with freedom.

Let's unapologetically 

#CREATEIT Like a Boss.

Full bio

Katrina Julia created #CREATEIT for Creators to CEOs who crave creating, community and cash to #CREATEIT Like a Boss from her own transformational story.

From Fear to Faith, Self-Hate to Love, and Corporate to Calling. The creation came from the transformation lfosing >55 lbs. and health coaching, 15+ years in corporate and being an entrepreneur 7+ years. While trying academy after academy, Katrina realized there were missing pieces and set out to create her own. 

1) We combine health + wealth + business in one with tools + technology + support.

2) We combine the spiritual + practical; the strategic + tactical.

3) We give you both the how - to's and the tools to execute all at the same time.


Are you a brand who would love to feature wellness at your workplace? Integrate our platform into your own brand? Have us design an influencer program? Get your brand featured with us and our influencers? Let's connect and create.


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