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Identify What Freedom is For You


Your Personal Brand + Online Presence + Making Money Online + Live with Freedom


7 Ways to Build a Lifestyle Brand with Strategy, Structure and Systems.

#CREATEIT a Life + Biz You Love with Freedom

You'll get clear on what is freedom for you, what its like to create a limitless lifestyle brand #LIKEABOSS + complete FREEDOM to CREATE and CHOOSE.

I get it! I've been there - working in 7+ industries and a side-hustler queen all before I was 30. At the same time, I was misaligned to passion + purpose and felt like I was never enough. This showed up at the time at my overweight body, lack of freedom in all forms, and feeling stuck in every area of life.

In 2011-2014, three pivotal points in faith, value, and Janelle - a best friends death from cancer, helped me to start to step into limitlessĀ life.

I am here to help you #CREATEIT too.Ā I get asked all the time "Katrina, how did you create your lifestyle brand". This webinar will give you an insider look at the foundation, stability, and growth of a Lifestyle Brand.

You will learn to identify what is freedom for you, Limitless Lifestyle Brand, A to Z possibilities to #CREATEIT

I am opening up 4 spots to work with me one on one, as well as online components to help you build your Lifestyle Brand...Like a BOSS.

This includes insights into my story, how it all started with network marketing, community values, and results. You will get a never before released webinar with Insider Information aboutĀ a Lifestyle Brand.

With my experience from 7+ industries in corporate, MBA being a full-time entrepreneur since 2011, working with brands like NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, AICPA, developing over 300+ million in reach, repeat results of 6-8 figures for others, and developing it now for us, and helping over 15,000 entrepreneurs, the webinar is more than worth your time to reflect on freedom.

Here is to YOU creating a life AND business you love!

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