Wellness, Media and Lifestyle Solutions Like No Other

Our innovative programs are like no other for your community to create a life and business you love while learning media, wellness, travel and lifestyle hands-on.

FIT Life Creation

With a lifestyle brand like ours with tips, tools and tech, you will love your experiences with wellness, media, lifestyle and travel. No matter which area your community is most interested in, it will give you hands-on tips, tools & tech that will serve you for years to come.

We create solutions for wellness, media, travel and lifestyle.

If you are looking for:

  • Wellness online & live workshops
  • Social, content, and influencer marketing
  • Hands-on live events & tech 

We've got solutions like no other. Our average results include 4-167 lbs, >50% to 1000% ROI+

This is Your Chance to Create

Create a Life + Business You Love. Health + Wealth + Biz All in One.

Get Healthy

Hands on experiences- from mindset and health, to lifestyle tools, crazy confidence, and momentum, you will be amazed at the results you see and feel!

Make Money

Become the money maker you have always wanted to be - from 6 Pack of Wealth and Tools, to creating value and money, to cash flow, you will be in awe of your potential!

Build Brands

Be the boss you know you are - both in your life - and business - from building a boss brand, to smart social, and scaling smart, you will LOVE how simple it is to create!



With a brand like ours, expect an experience that is unique. Our programs help your team with wellness in health, wealth, and business online & live options.

For about 4-12 weeks, you will hit the ground running, doing hands on work like no other. 

We set up pre-event surveys & assessments, online how-tos, tips & tech, and live workshops. We offer training & integrations to set your team up to take on the program internally as well.

We qualify as preventative care & offer multi-month and year discounts.

Let's create


Live and Virtual

And with our focus on a local footprint, national presence, and global impact, we may easily serve you.

Our program is currently based in Atlanta. However, we serve locally, nationally and globally. We've served brands like AirBnb and WeWork, as well as hosted events in Costa Rica, London, Spain, and Cuba.

With our creating a life and business we love and helping others, you get a chance to create with our community. 

Since many of our interns and apprentices become entrepreneurs we us, you get to continue to create community with us. We source freelancers and placements from this pool as well. 


Got Media? We've got it. We help you with media with multiple channels for you and your team.

Podcast, Blog, Studies, Social and Influencer Marketing Placement, Influencer Management, Campaign Creation, and Platforms.

Our media programs include:

  • Hands-on SEO, content strategy and repurposing.
  • Podcasting, sourcing + pre-screening.
  • Social media hands on education.
  • Influencer marketing, management & campaigns.

Let's create


What's on your bucket list? You and your team can fly away with us on one of our retreats or we may custom-create lifestyle, mastermind and adventure retreats for you.

You ask. We #createit

Our travel programs include:

  • Hospitality media + press outreach
  • Planning, interacting with events and retreats
  • Exclusive Corporate Retreats

Let's create


Are you loving having an online platform, courses  + live events?

Do you want to create a community with influencers too?

Are you ready to make your money mean something at every step and give back?

We help you #createit

Our lifestyle programs include:

  • Wellness & hands-on solutions
  • Content, social media, and influencer marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Course Creation for your brand
  • Live events and retreats
  • Custom Retreats

Let's create

Create a Life you LOVE.




The Story Behind the Concept

Katrina Julia created FIT Life Creation TM as a culmination of what she's learned in losing >55 lbs. and health coaching, 15+ years in corporate and being an entrepreneur 7+ years. While trying academy after academy, Katrina realized there were missing pieces and set out to create her own. Learn more about her story here.

1) We combine health + wealth + business in one with tools + technology + support.

2) We combine the spiritual + practical; the strategic + tactical.

3) We give you both the how - to's and the tools to execute all at the same time.


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