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We help you create, manage, and market your retreat from A to Z


What does this look like?

Retreat Like a Boss is for mission-based entrepreneurs and brands to create:

  1. Foundation
  2. Stability
  3. Growth

with Strategy, Structure, and Systems LIMITLESSLY

while taking your mission and message to create a live experience around the world.

"I attended the Costa Rica Retreat and got to rebuild my brand..."



Travel + Transform, Connect + Create, and/or Make Your Mission Global.


From A to Z, you will learn how to set up and firm up the Foundation of a Retreat. This includes 4 WEEKS of a road map for your retreat, destination + dates, and launch. 

The Foundation highlights the STRATEGY of the Retreat where you will get a Road Map, 90 Day Plan, Checklists, Themes, and Steps.



Stability helps you BOTH monetize your retreat short to long-term AND FREE up your TIME. You will learn how to intentionally set-up and structure the retreat including monetizing, managing, and marketing.   

The Stability section highlights the STRUCTURE of the Retreat Like a Boss where you will get tailored assistance to determine how to monetize before + after, market, and manage with ease onsite.


Growth will give you the finale in Retreats Like a Boss to show you (if you aren't convinced yet) the limitless possibilities. You will learn the step-by-step process to enhance your retreats, leverage them with your lifestyle business, pre/post launches, sponsorships, and placements, and more!

YES, a Retreat Like a Boss is LIMITLESS.

The Growth section highlights the SYSTEMS of the Retreat Like a Boss where you will get a Road Map, Automation + Delegation Tips + Tools, Guidance on Platforms + Promos.


"Katrina is an amazing person, super focused and goal oriented. I had both the pleasure and the opportunity to work with her creating my business from scratch. She helped me simplify tasks and focus on priorities which reduced immensely the amount of time it would’ve taken me to setup our community. Whether you´re looking to run events, setup a business, travel tips or a change in your lifestyle, shes got it covered."

Gabriel and Veronica

The 411

Retreats Like a Boss











Whether you are a mission-based influencer or a brand, you will learn the strategy to create a Retreat step by step with:

  1. Personal Branding: Tips + Tools + Templates
  2. Online Presence: Website + Social Channels
  3. Tips, Tools, and Tech to Create + Execute

The first four weeks of the program are dedicated to helping you get clear, create, and execute it ALL.


  •  Assessment + 90 Day Plan (Value >$1,000)
  • CREATEIT Creator + Team Support (Value >$1,000)
  • Personal Planning Monthly (Value >$3,000)
  • Website Recommendation + Listing on our Retreat Page + Platforms
  • Attend a CREATEIT Retreat + Onsite Option

Creator Confessions

Don't Just Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs.



  1. Stability: Stability helps set up the structure for your business, share your message, make money, and market your retreat including:
    1. Monetizing: Pricing your retreat, payment plans, and leveraging your retreat.
    2. Message: Aligning your mission with your retreat theme, destination, and location.
    3. Marketing: Strategy + Offers + Launches
    4. Platforms + Pitches: Tips + Tools + Tech 

The second four weeks of the program are dedicated to helping you get to the people + the profits. 


  • Profit Planner (Value >$1,000)
  • Pricing Tips + Tools (Value >$2,000)
  • Listings on Platforms + Placements (Value >$3,000)
  • Personal Planning Calls (Value >$3,000)



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  1. Growth: Growth helps you see the limitless ways a Retreat Like a Boss may help you, your mission, and your message to spread globally including:
    1. Scaling: Automating + Delegating
    2. Level-Up: to Scale to Partners, Placements and Promotions
    3. Launch Line Up Integrate it ALL
    4. Influencer Marketing Like a Boss
    5. Live Events + Retreats: Insights + How Tos 


The final four weeks of the program are dedicated to helping you create consistency in your message and marketing for your retreat.  We recommend starting a minimum of 90 days before your retreat.


  • Pitching + Placements (Value >$3,000)
  • CREATEIT Creator (Value >$1,000)
  • Personal Planning Calls (Value >$3,000)










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It's time to simplify transformation in health, wealth, and business so you get the results (and life you love)!

I see you my friend! I was once where you may be...

  • Feeling like I was in the wrong life (despite "doing" all the things that people told me were "right"
  • Not anywhere near the health I wanted (always tired and over 55 lbs. heavier than this!)
  • Always helping others pursue their dreams (and making them 7-9 figures per year over and over) yet feeling despite all my "certifications" and results, I was missing something deep inside.
  • Having TONS of experience in >7 industries, yet unclear if I had wasted my time (and life) and about what it ALL meant.
  • Unclear about my passion + purpose, people, and profits.
  • No idea on how to combine my online presence, make money, and have time + location freedom.
  • Continuing in the rat race and on the hamster wheel wondering how on earth was I going to pursue my passion and purpose and transform my life...

    Deep breath.

    I get it. The joy you see on my face in this pic had been missing for quite some time...

    I was determined to find it again. I've walked from fear to faith, corporate to calling, self hate to love, and bondage to freedom. I started creating a lifestyle brand in 2015, worked with >15,000 entrepreneurs, influencers and brands, scaled >75% of the business, hosted 4+ retreats, and partnered with brands like Airbnb, WeWork, BookRetreats, and Retreat Guru.

    That's why I am so passionate about you creating a life you love in health, wealth, and biz!

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Cuba, Costa Rica, Barcelona, London Retreats with Brands + Influencer Marketing + Management Featured @heyashleyrenne


Curious on what Katrina and the #CREATEIT team has learned in pitching like a boss? Oh, yes - I got you. 


Take a look at Creator Confessions like @theglobalwanderess @heyashleyrenne @jenmorilla @mariannyip and more!

8 Spots Left for March - April 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

The Retreat Like a Boss program is for the mission-based brands and entrepreneurs who are self-motivated, a side-hustler to a full-time entrepreneur with a proven track record who wants help to create their Retreat Like a Boss from A to Z. It is for you if you are ready to lead a retreat.

This is for you if you are looking to host 7-12 people for a week for a several thousand dollar retreat per person.

The program includes a Road Map, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Guidance on Themes, Types, Destination, Location, Booking of the Site, Website, Pricing Strategy, Platforms, Partnerships, and Marketing A to Z Plan for 90 Days + Monthly Support leading to retreat.

If you are looking to attend a retreat, check out our If you are looking to collaborate, you must collaborate first with an online program and have done prior press trips with retreats with results or attended our own.

Retreat Like a Boss is not for everyone. If you don't have any online presence anywhere, have never traveled, never led groups, and have never executed anything by yourself online this is likely not for you.

If you have never attended any retreats, this is NOT for YOU.

If you are not willing to BOTH do the weekly Creator Sheets + Monthly to Bi-Weekly Planning + Marketing Calls, this is not for you

If you are not willing to implement daily to weekly, this is NOT for you. have not gotten results from influencer collaborations yet, this is not for you.

If you are not ready to go all-in, team up with me and our team, take action, and be accountable to bi-weekly meetings, this is not for you.

If you overanalyze, get paralyzed in inaction, and refuse to take a step, this is not for you.

It is extensive. Take a look at every segment above + the bonuses. The value is well over 6 into 8 figures.

#1 think about the time it is going to take you to figure out how to do all this without this program. Think of all the potential pitfalls along the way. Why not have an expert guide you. One example is to imagine you discover even 1 platform to set up with stability, 1 ongoing business development source, 1 freebie, 1 launch strategy, and 1 community source.

That alone could lead to 5-6 figures for you. GREAT right? Well, what if that + a brand would have worked with you for triple the price AND the whole year.

Not getting in this program just costs you to not create the retreat you desire and the 5-6 figure results.

That's not counting the time and effort it will take you to figure it all out. Do the math.

Oh and that is NOT counting the bonuses!



 Sooo many! Take a look at every single section above + the early bird bonuses. I will be offering paid in full bonuses too!

You will get exclusive insider first access + discounts to our Influencer Management, Retreats, Retreat Leadership, and CFO launches too!

The bonuses are aligned step by step to each segment across the 90 days. The overall bonuses are released within 120 days for those on payment plans.

YES! You get access to the Vision Call, Monthly Planning Calls, Marketing Mission, and Platforms/Placements. To help in between, you will have Weekly Creator Submissions.

We ask that you be respectful of time, boundaries, and the community and submit ALL your items. on the Weekly Creator Sheets.


GREAT question. I and We would be asking the same. Katrina has experience in 7+ industries as an MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Certified, generating long-term results 6-8 figures consistently over time for and with others. In 2015, I started diving deep into creating lifestyle brand. I have created and launched a website, blog, show, social channels, 7+ freebies, 7+ courses, researched and executed on over 50 platforms, 100s of campaigns, integrated products like Herbalife, worked with brands like Airbnb, SimpleTruth, Kroger, worked with over 15,000 influencers, won sponsorships, won press trips, ran 5+ retreats with influencer marketing, negotiated and won annual contracts,  automated >75% of the business, delegated over 100+ tasks monthly, scaled over and over, traveled the world full-time 2020-2022, and MORE.

Take a look at our collaboration platform at


So glad you asked butterfly! Our Creator gave me this divine download while working on the landing page on June 23! No matter your website traffic, IG followers, podcast downloads, email list numbers, we will give you 10% discount IF you post quality content on your BEST + Highest Traffic Channel e.g. Newsletter BEFORE you enroll (max 1 time before).

We will ALSO give you the option to do TWO additional posts AFTER you enroll for an added MAX 10% cash back! The total is 20% MAX for a 10% discount MAX upfront and/or 20% TOTAL. YES!

In case you miss the 10% upfront discount, no problem! We will let you do up to 3 Media Rewards DURING / AFTER your enrollment for up to the SAME 20% MAX CASH back or CREDIT towards our RETREAT or anything else you LOVE

No ONE is DOING this! BELIEVE ME, I am in the ONLINE World a lot with Brendon Burchard, Influencer Pro, Unstoppable Year, Marlie Forleo, Catarina Mello, Social Curator, and the LIST GOES ON! I have NEVER SEEN anything remotely CLOSE and I have ASKED!

The not so fine print. To a degree. Yes. We’ve always backed our program with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you enrolled in the most recent version of Retreat Like a Boss, and by 5 pm Eastern U.S. time within 7 days of enrollment, you don’t feel Retreat Like a Boss is right for you — show us your Weekly Creator, Road Map, 3 Items You Executed, and Results, and you don't feel it is for you, you’ll get your money back.

Please note that eligibility for a refund has a firm deadline and also applies to payment plans, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline of 7 days after enrollment.

Creator Confessions

Don't Just Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs



For Influencers and Brands





  • PROGRAM STARTS 3/7/2023
  • 12 Week Online Program
  • Step-by-Step Monthly Guidance
  • Tips, Tools + Tech Every Step
  • Strategy, Structure, and Systems
  • Behind the Scenes Steps
  • Personal Planning + Marketing
  • Creator CREATOR Weekly Tool + Personal Replies <72 Hours
  • All Bonuses As Listed Above +
  • 3 Month Payment Plan Option 
  • The cost on average of 1 enrolled member in your retreat.



ENROLL BY 2/2/23

Everything in Jump Start Applies


+ Retreat Like a Boss Retreat OR Transform + Travel Retreat

Value >$12,000

+ Content Strategy, Photoshoot, and Plan for Your Retreat Live at Retreat Value >$3,000

+ Hands-On Co-Leading Visibility    Value >$2,000

+ Bonus Strategy Session Live        Value >$2,000

7 Month Payment Plan Option

Cost on average of 2 enrolled members in your retreat.






Best for minimum 12 participants for retreat.

Average about 40% of profits.

Over 60% profits with location paid.

Everything in Creator Applies



Retreat Management A to Z             Value >$7,000

+ Theme, Type, and Templates       Value > $3,000

+ Tips, Tools and Tech w/Website     Value >$2,000

+ Marketing Roll-Out on Platforms 

Value > $3,000

+ Pitching on Partnerships + Placements Value >$3,000

+ Booking of Location, Destination, and All Logistics for Participants 

Value >$3,000 (location included up to $3,000 min value)

+ Onsite Support as Co-Leader

Value >$5,000

Cost on average of 6 enrolled members of 1 retreat.


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