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We have worked with >15,000 creators globally across wellness, media & travel on >15 platforms & creating our own.


100's of our campaigns have resulted in reaching >200 Million in Online Reach within last year generating >3000% ROI.


We have access to extensive communities in wellness, business & travel to help create priorities & profitability long-term.


Take your brand to a whole new level with aligned opportunities, multi-month to year long-term relationships, contract negotiation & more!

We work with brands who want long-term solutions for 3 months to a year minimum working with influencers with  a brand, website, monetizing with brands and on their own, and with over 25,000 followers.

Our Solutions include:

  • Strategy Set Up & Calls
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Platforms & Pitching Perfectly
  • Media & Management
  • Negotiation & Contracting



Whether you are an influencer or a brand, we cultivate long-term relationships to increase results.

We focus includes:

  1. Multi-month & year campaigns in wellness & travel.
  2. Strategy, prioritization & weekly status reports.
  3. Return on investment & education online & live.
  • Influencers >25K on IG/Web: Accelerate with commission & hybrid rates plans.
  • Influencers >50K on IG/Web + existing paid collabs $10k+ monthly: Accelerate with an Influencer Manager + 30% commission on new deals we win you.
  • Brands looking to create communities

Inspiring Influence

Come create what you love with our community.

We identify inspiring influencers for online & live integrations for brands.

We help influencers create community and cash flow they love long term. 

Opportunities may include online & live events, press, and brand placements.

+ Bonus: Strategy Implementation, Media Kit Reviews, Pitching Perfectly, and Results Tracking.

Bonus: Access to Exponential Exposure & Trainings


Brand + Influencer Event: A to Z 

From Start to Finish, Fitness Fuses with Fashion demonstrated Influencer Management Like a Boss from both brand aspects + influencer aspects. This project included multi-months of planning in Atlanta with 5+ brands, a charitable partner, activations and sponsorships, and 15+ influencers.



Cuba, Costa Rica, Barcelona, London Retreats with Brands + Influencers Sourced for Campaigns, Negotiation and Contracting, Content Management + Briefs, Brand Features Onsite, and Post Event Online Launches, 3000% ROI. Featured @heyashleyrenne


Curious on what Katrina and the #CREATEIT team has learned in pitching like a boss? Oh, yes - I got you. You get all this and much more if you are in our influencer mgmt program.









7 Spots Left Dec 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

The influencer management program is for influencers who are self-motivated, a side-hustler to a full-time entrepreneur with a proven track record who wants help to run their influencer business like a boss. It is for Influencers with >25k on Instagram, Channels, and Web with any $ in collabs monthly AND Influencers >50K on Instagram Minimum. It is ALSO for brands that want strategy, implementation, management of their entire influencer community with a dedicated annual budget.

You will get an assessment of where you are now, your media and media kit, your prior campaigns and results, a 90-day plan, revised media kit/campaign plan, pitch letter and outreach by our team, placement on platforms, negotiating, and contracting.

Influencer Management is not for everyone. If you have not gotten results and/or minimums required from influencer collaborations yet, this is not for you. If you are not ready to go all-in, team up with our team, take action, and be accountable to bi-weekly meetings, this is not for you. If you overanalyze, get paralyzed in inaction, and refuse to take a step, this is not for you.

It is extensive. Well over 6 into 8 figures. #1 think about the time it is going to take you to figure out how to identify, plan, project-manage, pitch, negotiate and contract with brands. Think of all the potential pitfalls along the way. Why not have an expert guide you. One example is imagine you negotiate a deal for $3,000 one time for a brand contract. GREAT right?

Well, what if that brand would have worked with you for triple the price AND the whole year? Not getting in this program just costs you to lose $105,000 - and that is on ONE deal.

That's not counting the time and effort it will take you to figure it all out. Do the math.

Oh and that is NOT counting the bonuses!



 Sooo many! In 2022, we are including the Influencer Marketing Like a Boss book that got rave reviews in 2021, the Influencer Marketing Like a Boss 5 Week Online course, AND a VIP ticket to CREATEIT Summit + Club for the YEAR, when you sign up for a minimum 90 days. 

When you sign up for the year, you will be invited to our annual influencer retreat.

For brands, we will offer you a feature in our online summit, live summit, and retreat with annual contracts.

The book will be provided before the guarantee deadline. The rest of the bonuses are all granted after the guarantee deadline during the year.

To a degree yes. You get access to the kick-off meeting for 1 hour, 1-2 calls monthly for hyper-focused 30 minutes, and group calls for 1 hour at least 1x a month. You get weekly status reports as well on progress + results.


GREAT question. We would be asking the same. Katrina has experience in 7+ industries as an MBA, CPA, generating long-term results 6-8 figures LONG before influencer marketing existed. In 2015, I started diving deep into influencer marketing. I researched and executed on over 50 platforms, 100s of campaigns, worked with brands like Airbnb, SimpleTruth, Kroger, over 15,000 influencers, won press trips, ran retreats with influencer marketing, negotiated and won annual contracts, wrote the book, ran a study, automated and scaled over and over, generated results of 6-8+ figures over and over for others, and MORE.

Absolutely! That's why I created this webinar to help you learn more before completing the form. Sign up here!

The content creation program is a hybrid collaboration and contractual agreement that leverages your existing platforms + ties in the brands we are onboarding for 3 months to a year. 

For influencers, we may offer you a draw program e.g. any investment is an advance from negotiated collaborations for the first 90 days.

Additionally, we will offer you upfront a minimum 50% reduced contractual rate with us with 2 pieces of agreed-upon contract featuring us with results on the influencer management (a collab). In essence, we are reducing your program investment by a minimum of $1,500 up to $12,500 monthly for 2 pieces of content* select minimum media requirements apply starting at 25k reach. We are getting over 50% conversions on the program so may not offer it LONG.

We will set you up for success for YEARS to come to run your influencer marketing like a BOSS business. PLUS we will give you a code for the 2+ posts you share monthly to offer a discount to your followers AND you will EARN 20% on any that sign up for the YEAR too!

So, you get ONE influencer who signs up with us for a Retreat, you will get $600! Or, you get a brand that sees your post and signs up with us for $25k, you get $5,000 minimum monthly for the YEAR PLUS you GET placed on that brand -paid for 3 months to a year- whooo hooo! 

By being in our programs, you are the FIRST influencers we go to with our brand management contracts, meaning YOU are the FIRST ones we will present to brands for a minimum 3 month to 1-year deals.

So, on top of ALL, we are doing for you,  ONE brand deal at $3k monthly will get you $36k.That is NOT including our featured brands and placement at Summits and Retreats PAID. Get it, buttercup?

For the brands, they love this because we have already vetted, polished, and set you up for success. We KNOW you have traction, are a professional, think strategically, AND get results.  They LOVE IT and YOU.

I GET this question all the time. I get it. You are strapped for cash, not monetizing yet like you want to, and are used to doing collaborations. Well, butterfly I tried to do this several times as a full 100% collab and have seen with this program and over and over with others that people do not take things seriously unless they pay to play or have some skin in the game.

I do truly want to help you #createit. So, I created 2 options that are in alignment for me, us, and perhaps you too.

If you are an influencer with >50k minimum on Instagram AND >$10k monthly in collabs already, we will help you as an Influencer Management Agency with 30% commission for NEW / ANNUAL paid brand engagements we find and negotiate for you.

As an example,  if/when we win you paid collaborations of $30,000 in 1 month for the year, you will pay $9,000 spread out over that year. This requires sharing at least 1 reel + story monthly + a video + written testimonial within 1-3 months.

The second option offers a content creation program where you may be managed with our Influencer Management at a reduced rate with a hybrid payment/collaboration program. 

These options are subject to change at any time. 

Yes. We’ve always backed our program with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you enrolled in the most recent version of Influencer Management, and by 5 pm Eastern U.S. time within 22 days of enrollment, you don’t feel influencer Management is right for you — show us your project plan, media kit, platform listings, negotiated e-mails, influencer mgmt contract results, and you don't feel it is for you, you’ll get your money back.

Please note that eligibility for a refund has a firm deadline and also applies to payment plans, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline of 22 days after enrollment.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Take Theirs



Influencer Management

For Influencers and Brands




This is for the influencer who has >50k followers + >$10k in collaborations monthly for at least the last 3 months.


If we mutually connect + create, we will move forward with the agency approach or the first 30-90 days, and mutually reassess after. 

This means 30% agency commission of ANY NEW brand projects we win you.


A 20% agency commission with 1 Reel + 1 Story + Link shared monthly, and testimonial.





Identifying Influencers/Brands

Campaign Launches

Influencer Management 

Negotiation and Contracting

Payment Processing


For Brands:

  • 1 Campaign
  • Up to 10 Influencers*
  • Up to 20 Posts
  • Involves Trades from Brand
  • May offer bonus content
  • Tracking and Metrics


For Influencers

  • Media Kit
  • 10+ Proposals
  • Platform Set Up
  • 3 Contracts Monthly
  • Bonuses for Contracts Won
  • May be a draw towards won paid deals for first 30-90 days.
  • May offer 50% reduced rate for 1st 30-90 days on % of collaborations with content creation deals.



*Rates are subject to renegotiation every 3 months based on market rates and results.

*With long-term incentives, rates may be credited from any additional cash won.

*For 3 locations, the total package for all three is discounted at $7,000 if starts at the same time.

Multi-month and annual discounts






Everything in Jump Start 

For Brands:

  • Up to 25 Influencers*
  • Up to 50 Posts
  • Involves Trades from Brand
  • Additional Channels Beyond Instagram Included
  • Tracking + Metrics


For Influencers

  • Media Kit
  • 25+ Proposals
  • 3+ Platform Set-Ups
  • 5 Contracts Monthly
  • Bonuses for Contracts Won



*Rates are subject to renegotiation every 3 months based on market rates and results.

*With long-term incentives, rates may be credited from any additional cash won.

*For 3 locations, the total package for all three is discounted at $18,000 if starts at the same time.

Multi-month and annual discounts





Everything in Creator


For Brands:

  • 2 Campaigns
  • 100+ Influencers
  • 200+ Posts
  • Additional Channels Beyond Instagram Included
  • Tracking + Metrics


For Influencers

  • Media Kit
  • 50+ Proposals
  • 5+ Platform Set-Ups
  • 7+ Contracts Monthly
  • Bonuses for Contracts Won



*Rates are subject to renegotiation every 3 months based on market rates and results.

*For 3 locations, the total package for all three is discounted at $70,000 if starts at the same time.

*With long-term incentives, rates may be credited from any additional cash won.

Multi-month and annual discounts



We Don't Just Talk About Influencer Management

We Practice It &

We wrote the book: Influencer Marketing like a BOSS.

Here is a influencer management webinar that explains more ways on how we #CREATEIT

"I attended the Costa Rica Retreat and got to rebuild my brand..."


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