How to Create Retreats

You’ve thought about creating a retreat. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even looked at some people, companies, or sites that have retreats. 


You know you want to either attend one and/or do one, yet you have no idea where to start.


You’re worried about what to do the retreat on, where to host it, how to market it, and make money!


You’re afraid of missing out on more ways to create a life and business you love for you and/or your team, but you equally worried about the how to, the time it will take, and the results.


Yet something deep inside you continues to yearn to travel and/or dream of the day you could do a retreat!

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to transform and travel, integrate it into your life and business, and make money!



 What if…


What if you attended a retreat to help you learn how...

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How to Pursue Passion + Purpose (PLUS Profits)

When I was five years old, you could find me either running around doing things outdoors (by myself or with friends), playing with friends, doing things with my parents, and most importantly...

Being Fearless...

Whether it was being determined to sell the 200+ boxes of Girl Scout cookies (early stages of my entrepreneurship LOL) to get the teddy bear charm I had my eye on, trying something brand new, or making a new friend... I knew absolutely NO FEAR.

So...when I found myself seven years ago being a full-time entrepreneur (one moment being fearless and the next moment being terrified), I started to remember how I was at five years old.



I wanted that girl back.

That spirit. That soul. That love. 




I began to wonder - what happened to her?

How did I let her get away from me?

How did I allow the world to take her away?

How did I allow myself to disappoint her?



I vowed to get her back. I vowed to get me back.

That soul....

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