How to Create Retreats

You’ve thought about creating a retreat. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even looked at some people, companies, or sites that have retreats. 


You know you want to either attend one and/or do one, yet you have no idea where to start.


You’re worried about what to do the retreat on, where to host it, how to market it, and make money!


You’re afraid of missing out on more ways to create a life and business you love for you and/or your team, but you equally worried about the how to, the time it will take, and the results.


Yet something deep inside you continues to yearn to travel and/or dream of the day you could do a retreat!

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to transform and travel, integrate it into your life and business, and make money!



 What if…


What if you attended a retreat to help you learn how...

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How to Be a Website Wonder

You’ve thought about creating a website. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even played with a tool or two.


You know you need a website (or maybe you want an update). It's not your skill set and/or maybe not something you are super excited about doing.


You’re worried about picking the right tool, focusing on what matters, and getting it done quickly all at the same time. 


You’re afraid of missing out on more marketing opportunities online, but you equally worried about the how to, visuals, the time it will take as well as the results that will (or won't come)....


Yet you are more afraid of not getting your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process.

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to be a website wonder (or have someone on your team who is) get long term results (improve...

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Build Your Boss Brand Step by Step

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

We see the shifts of entrepreneurship all around. With the increasingly connected digital world we live in, it has made it easier to connect to more people. At the same time, facing fears from the inside out is a real thing. Making the leap on going all in on our own dreams may sometimes bring up fears we never knew we had!


Although, I was a side hustle queen (before the term even existed) from college on to 2010, I became painfully aware of many doubts, fears and insecurities I had when I became a full-time entrepreneur. These have included fear of success (yes despite my own results and helping others), fear of failure, fear of being seen to name a few. When I realized how irrational they can be it baffled me - how could I be a public speaker for 15+ years yet be terrified to get on camera (overcame this one last year)!. Our mind is powerful. It tries to protect us from harm or perceived harm. We get to learn how to reframe and overcome the imaginary fears! 



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6 Pack of Abs? Let's Talk About a 6 Pack of Wealth

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

We hear all over the internet and in real life about a 6 Pack of Abs. I remember reading countless articles throughout the years especially when I struggled with >55 lbs. of excess weight at times. I remember finally getting all my weight off and keeping it off in 2014. I remember the feeling of finally having the elusive 6 Pack. I remember thinking WOW this is a LOT of work! I remember falling in love (and still do) with being healthy inside and out all the time. 


When I first started sharing my story and my before and after, my business grew 25X in that year.


I was honored and amazed at how many people the story inspired. You can see one of the posts here. 




This made me start thinking about my own story of judging myself and my worth with money, status, recognition....


and a 6 Pack of Wealth.




The physical transformation revealed the layers inside of fears, insecurities, and worthiness. Prior to...

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How to Do Social Media Smart in a Day

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, blogger or brand in 2018 (or want to be one), then it's safe to say you know social media is key for your business.


Perhaps, you are just starting out with using social media for your business and are in the camp of "what is social media" or "what is social media marketing" and how in the world do I start? 


Or perhaps you feel like you have a great handle on it.



I completely get it! Before 2014, the only social media posting I ever did was strictly personal and/or motivational! I maybe tuned in once every two weeks or so! I worked in industries and positions that did not directly involve me in social media. They ranged from strategy to finance to compliance! When I was in college, Facebook did not even exist!


However, when I started getting into fitness and a lifestyle business, I recognized the influence and power of story sharing and social media fast!



My first year in sharing my...

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10 Things You Should Do Every Month if You are a Lifestyle Entrepreneur or Blogger (or You Want to Become One!)

entrepreneur lifestyle Jun 12, 2018

If you’re a lifestyle entrepreneur or blogger (or you want to become one),  then I think we can both agree — creating a life and business you love isn't easy. Like the Aladdin song, it's a whole new world - especially if you didn't grow up with any entrepreneurial influence or all your friends or most people you know still work a 9-5 salaried or hourly job.


There’s a lot of soul searching that goes on into becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur, transformation coach or lifestyle blogger. Yes, there are a ton of resources (thank you Google, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter).


At the same time, what works for someone else may not be your "ideal life", business, or day. I know that was absolutely the case (and still is for me). The hustle and constant grind not for me. Been there - done that (and almost killed myself literally).


In Corporate America, from 2003 - 2011 (especially the time between 2007-2010 when I was...

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How to Face Financial Fears Holding You Back

finances Apr 12, 2018

You’ve thought about being an entrepreneur,

yet you have no idea where to start.


You already are an entrepreneur, yet the thought of

being in charge of your future still excites and terrifies you.


The concept of having financial freedom is a vision,

yet the reality feels very far away…



You know there are some things holding you back,

yet you can't pinpoint exactly what they are.


“Being Seen"

“Upper Limits”

“Internal Belief"...


may trigger some emotions, yet you aren't exactly sure what or why.


At the same time, you have a deep desire to help people and you know you can make a bigger impact, yet YOU are unsure of exactly what to do.


You are afraid of not sharing your story, your experience, and your service….So you are still reading.


You have a deep feeling that I get you because you’ve gotten this far

(and I do!) I’ve been where you are, or am currently growing...

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How to Pursue Passion + Purpose (PLUS Profits)

When I was five years old, you could find me either running around doing things outdoors (by myself or with friends), playing with friends, doing things with my parents, and most importantly...

Being Fearless...

Whether it was being determined to sell the 200+ boxes of Girl Scout cookies (early stages of my entrepreneurship LOL) to get the teddy bear charm I had my eye on, trying something brand new, or making a new friend... I knew absolutely NO FEAR.

So...when I found myself seven years ago being a full-time entrepreneur (one moment being fearless and the next moment being terrified), I started to remember how I was at five years old.



I wanted that girl back.

That spirit. That soul. That love. 




I began to wonder - what happened to her?

How did I let her get away from me?

How did I allow the world to take her away?

How did I allow myself to disappoint her?



I vowed to get her back. I vowed to get me back.

That soul....

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90 Day Plan: April - June 2018 (and a FREE Guide!)

I've been doing 90 Day Plan's faithfully now for over a year. I also review them daily, and weekly. I thought I would start sharing these! I was inspired by Melyssa Griffin sharing her yearly plans and income reports!

I've gotten feedback from countless people that this is a hard thing for them to do. I've always loved goal setting, and had a brief period as an entrepreneur when I got away from them.

I remembered (thank god) how much I did them and loved them working for others (and hit them and exceeded them with consistent results of 6-8 figures annually.)

The opportunity I had was integrating ALL areas of life - anyone else relate?

As a result, I implemented them faithfully in 2016! It has been a process to integrate every area of life (and continues to be as I grow!)

Here’s what I’m working toward for my current 90 Day Plan: April - June…

You will find in my goal setting, I focus on all areas of life. I call them the Seven Steps to Success.

Years ago,...

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